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5 Ways to Kick Start Your Creativity with Photography

Sometimes the creative inspiration runs dry with photography. Maybe you’ve been shooting with the same technique or focusing on similar subject matter for an extended period of time. Sooner or later, your ideas start to falter and you feel your imagery becoming stale. What you need is a new ingredient for your bag of tricks.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Even to us pros. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to break out of a creative rut, and it usually involves trying something new. Here are 5 simple ways you kick start your photographic creativity. Next time you feel like you’re struggling with your imagery, give one of these things a try!


1. Get a New Piece of Gearcreative photography

As much as we should be happy with the things we already have, nothing revs the creative engine like getting some new toy. Often times trying out a totally different lens is just what the Doctor ordered. Sometimes it’s a brand new camera or an accessory like a brand new tripod. And you don’t even have to buy one, renting one is just as good, and it’s a great way to evaluate a particular item before dropping lots of cash. At any rate, if you feel like you’re in a rut, try getting some new glass, I guarantee, your inspiration will.

creative photography2. Get up Early for a Week


Photography is all about light, right? Well, we all know that the best light happens in the early morning hours of sunrise, and at sunset. Feel like things are lacking in your creative life? Get up early every and head outside with your camera every day for a week, or stay out late and watch the last rays of the sun every evening. Not only will your photography flourish, so will your mind. The time spent alone at Magic Hour will get the brain rolling as well, and that’s actually the number one ingredient for creativity of any kind.

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3. Head Out in Bad Weather

Sure, we all like to shoot when it’s sunny, but don’t discount inclement weather because some of the best photos photos are to be had when the weather is less than ideal. Rain, snow, fog, mist and hail all make for wonderful imagery, you just have to put yourself out there in the elements and see what happens. So next time the sky starts dripping or visibility drops, break out the rain jacket and head outside. You’ll probably get some great shots!

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4. Try Shooting Black & White

I never shot much BW back in the film days, but I love the black and white shooting modes that are found on today’s cameras. These modes let you change up your creativity and your vision at the press of a button. Black and white is great for shooting when the light is less than ideal, and it lets you focus more on shape, tone and composition in a way that you don’t normally see when shooting in color.

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5. Shoot with Your Least Favorite Lens

I have a hot/cold relationship with my 50mm lens. Sometimes it’s just what I’m looking for, and other times I find myself leaving it home for long stretches of time. It’s actually my least used lens, but the thing is, when I do take it out for a spin, I’m always happy with the photos I get. Do you have a lens like that? Next time you’re searching for inspiration, grab the lens that you use least in your photography and see what you can do with it. You’ll probably be happy you did.

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-Dan Bailey

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