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10 Reasons to Take an Alaska Photo Tour

Alaska Photo Treks is all about you, your camera, and getting the best shots! If you need any more reasons to go on an Alaska Photo Tour with us – read on.

men in helicopter flying over knik glacier - alaska photo tour

Aerial view over Knik Glacier on an Alaska photo tour.


1. You’ll get your camera in the most unusual places.

It’s the best way to get off the beaten path to places few others go, ensuring you get that one-of-a-kind shot.

photographers near denali national park photographing wildlife - alaska photo tour

Photographing wildlife near Denali National Park.


2. It’s a great way to try out new gear.

You know you’ve been hankering for a new camera body or lens. We can hook you up for a test drive so you can familiarize with the equipment and see if it’s a good fit for you.

men with tripods photographing sunset at glen alps - alaska photo tour

Photographers on the Sunset Photo Safari at Glen Alps.


3. It’s fun to hone photography skills with like-minded people.

There’s nothing like getting together with a group of other enthusiastic photographers for some great technical and creative sharing.

man photographing ice flows on turnagain arm from beluga point - alaska photo tour

Photographing ice flows on Turnagain Arm during the Twilight Photo Tour.


4. Nobody gets in your shot, unless you want them to.

Small group sizes and out-of-the-way destinations insure you have better control of who appears in your shot and who doesn’t.

alaska railroad train traveling down turnagain arm at sunset - alaska photo tour

Alaska Railroad train traveling down Turnagain Arm at sunset.


5. You’ll catch the best light of the day.

At our latitude, the “Golden Hour” changes every day. Tour departures are scheduled to help you catch some of that sweet, sweet light.

men with tripods photographing sunset on turnagain arm - alaska photo tour

Photographing along Turnagain Arm on the Sunset Photo Safari.


6. You got the gear, we’ll show you how to use it.

Many cameras come with a lot of technical and creative options. We’ll show you how to make the most of what you’ve got and you can practice on a variety of interesting scenes.

newborn moose calves traipsing after their mother in june - alaska photo tour

Moose calves traipsing after their mother in June.


7. It’s a Great Way to Meet Local Wildlife

Alaska wildlife is plentiful but can also be elusive. We know where the critters like to hang out and when they’re most active.

headshot of coastal alaska brown bear - alaska photo tour

Coastal brown bear.


8. It’s an Even Better Way to Stay Safe Out There.

The Alaska wilderness is awe inspiring and unforgiving at the same time. Your guide’s many years of wilderness experience will ensure your safety while photographing landscapes and wildlife.

man standing on tour van photographing anchorage skyline at twilight - alaska photo tour

Photographing Anchorage during Twilight Photo Tour.


9. Nobody yells at you to get back on the bus.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your shot interrupted by an impatient group of non-photographers. When you’re focused on something interesting, we’ll make sure you have time to get the shot.

silhouette of man with northern lights in sky and reflecting on water - alaska photo tour

Photographing northern lights during Anchorage Aurora Quest.


10. You’ll take home your best travel photos yet!

Our mission is to help you get your Alaska dream shot.

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Alaska Photo Treks offers photography tours year round.  Sunset Photo Safari operates May- August.  Twilight Photo Tour runs September-March. Departure times for both tours depend on sunset, which at this latitude constantly changes throughout the year. The times for each week are posted on the respective pages for each tour. Cell phone photographers will enjoy the fun, fast-paced InstAlaska Smartphone Photography Tour. Winter months also include the northern lights viewing adventure, Anchorage Aurora Quest. Explore Alaska Photo Treks to learn more about these excellent, instructional day tours, multi-day tours, private tours and workshops. Whatever your wishes, there is an Alaska photo tour for you.

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