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Alaska Winter Photography Tours

Considering a visit in the so-called off season? These Alaska winter photography tour options are sure to make you glad you did!

Winter is a magical time in Southcentral Alaska. With pristine snow fall, enchanting light and plenty of great subjects at hand including powerful landscapes, seasonal events and auroras, this period is sure to deliver some spectacular images that few other visitors ever get to see, much less photograph. Added bonuses for touring in the “off-season” include discounted winter rates for accommodations, opportunity to mix and mingle with the locals for a more authentic Alaska experience, and easier moose spotting once leaves drop and moose are surrounded by a snowy backdrop. Plus, Anchorage’s location on the Cook Inlet Coast makes for a maritime climate that’s much milder than the North Slope and Interior regions of Alaska. In fact throughout much of the season, Anchorage is warmer than the Midwest and upper New England, with an average winter temperature around 24° F [-4.5° C]. For a outstanding Alaska winter photography tour option, check out Twilight Photo Tour. You’ll experience 4-hours of touring at the right time of day for optimal lighting, to a variety of locations around the scenic Cook Inlet Coast, Turnagain Arm and Chugach State Park.

Is seeing northern lights on the top of your life list? We can help make that happen in the most comfortable and cost effective way possible. Check out Anchorage Aurora Quest, which gives you the ability to book as many nights in advance as you like, and pay only when the tour runs. Northern lights are a natural phenomenon that are sun and earth weather dependent, but by using modern technology we’re able to significantly increase the odds of success. Using this information, you will receive daily reports for every night you have booked, and instructions for payment and pickup if/when the tour runs.

For an exceptional winter photography package, pair Twilight Photo Tour and Anchorage Aurora Quest and receive a 10% discount on the former. Use the discount code TPTAAQ at the time of booking to apply.