Anchorage PhotoWalk

Discover Anchorage’s immediate history and unique landmarks while advancing your photography skills on this Anchorage walking tour. A local professional photographer will guide you through the basics including exposure, focus and composing compelling travel photos. The route covers a 2-mile loop, beginning and ending in the historic city center. The route travels along 4th Avenue (main street in Anchorage) and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, with stops at Resolution Park, Elderberry Park and Ship Creek Valley (the birthplace of the city). There is plenty of opportunity to photograph a variety of scenes along the way while learning about their historic or natural significance. Book this Anchorage walking tour at the beginning of your Alaska vacation to become acquainted with Alaska’s largest city and your camera at the same time!

May 1-September 30 [min. of 4]  | 8-10 am | From Downtown Log Cabin Visitor Information Center at 4th & F Street


Departing from from Downtown Log Cabin Visitor Information Center at 4th & F Street and traveling a loop along 4th Avenue, Elderberry Park, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and Ship Creek overlook before returning to the starting point.


This is a moderate activity that involves walking a 2-mile route on mostly paved surfaces, with hills and stairs. Weather conditions may range from rain, wind, and sun, and temperatures from 45°F (7°C) to 80°F (26°C). This Anchorage walking tour is an all-weather (barring a weather advisory). Some of the best photo ops happen during rain or fog!


  • Creative and technical photography instruction is offered by your professional, local guide.
  • Narrative on the historical significance of locations and landmarks.
  • Tripods are available for loan.

What to Bring

The following gear is recommended, but point-and-shoot and smartphone cameras are also welcome!

  • Camera with manual settings
  • Lens[es] ranging in focal length from at least 24mm to 200mm
  • Fully charged battery ([preferably at least 2]
  • At least 16GB memory card

Photography equipment rental available upon request.

Booking Policies & Liability Waiver

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ship creek in summer with wildflowers in foreground and pedestrian bridge - anchorage walking tour