Aurora Tour

Aurora Tour from Anchorage

To witness auroras rippling across the northern night sky over moonlit, snowy peaks and shining across dark water is an experience to be remembered a lifetime. Alaska Photo Treks offers an aurora tour departing from the Anchorage area and traveling within a 60-mile radius to some incredibly scenic, dark-sky locations. Of course, auroras are fickle and unpredictable, dependent on both earth and space weather. For this reason, Anchorage Aurora Quest only runs [and takes guest payment] when conditions are optimal to for success. We were therefore delighted when a special guest, a travel writer columnist for the New Zealand Herald, was able to join us on an Aurora Quest last March, and even more delighted at her joy in seeing the lights, and then writing a moving review of the experience: Alaska | Northern Lights a Visual Symphony.



Alaska Photo Treks operates a variety of photo-centric tours, workshops and classes, including Sunset Photo Safari and it’s winter counterpart, Twilight Photo Tour. Each are 4-hour excursions designed to make the most of the best light of the day. Also, Anchorage Aurora Quest; providing opportunity to see and photograph northern lights in Southcentral Alaska, from September through March. 

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