Private Alaska Bush Plane Photo Safari

Hire your own Alaska Bush Pilot to take you to locations with breathtaking aerial views of craggy coastline, rugged peaks draped in glacial ice, impossibly blue melt water. Experience landing on a remote body of water to take in a pristine place few have seen. This Alaska bush plane photo safari is one of the most expansive and authentic ways possible to see and photograph Alaska. Better yet, you’ll be aboard an aircraft captained by experienced Alaskan pilot and photographer, Mark Stadsklev. Mark has been flying in Alaska for more the 25 years and is a top-notch photographer in his own right, whose work has been published in National Geographic, Stearns, and Air and Space. He knows what it takes to get THE shot, and will fly you to some of his favorite locations in his favorite region of the state: Prince William Sound. You’ll receive Mark’s undivided attention and photographic support along the way, from moment of check-in [when he’ll provide an overview of the day’s trip ahead] to touch down at the end of an exhilarating excursion.

May 1 – May 31 & Sep 1 – Sep 30 | 6 Hrs total [approximately 3 hours flight time]


This is a moderate activity that involves walking short distances up and downhill, on stairs and uneven terrain. Weather conditions may range from rain, wind, and sun, and temperatures from 45°F (7 °C) to 80°F (27°C). This Anchorage photo tour departs in all weather (barring a weather advisory). Some of the best photo ops happen during rain, snow or fog, and wildlife tends to be more active in cool, wet weather.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Creative and technical photographic support offered by your professional, local guide
  • Natural history narrative en route
  • Packed lunch


CAMERA GEAR [recommended, but point-and-shoot and smartphone cameras are also welcome!]

  • Camera with manual settings
  • Lens[es] ranging in focal length from at least 24mm to 200mm
  • Fully charged battery [preferably at least 2]
  • At least 16GB memory card
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Remote shutter release or cable shutter release [optional]

Photography equipment rental available at Stewart’s Photo Shop


  • Layers including short sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, and wind/waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes with good tread

Booking Policies & Liability Waiver

Payment is confirmation your acceptance of Alaska Photo Treks Booking Policies and Liability Waiver. Please read carefully.

Artist Statement

As a pilot and photographer in Alaska I have a unique view on our amazing state. My self taught artwork is inspired by the vastness of aerial landscapes and the microscopic portraits of intimate details. I live to observe the changes and the patterns as the shifting seasons flash by my cockpit windows. Once I arrive at these remote glaciers and lakes, I love to lead my photo safari groups to abandoned gold mines and glacial moraines. Now, using the platform that global attention has thrown my way, I wish to make others even more aware of the sensitive fabric of nature and how delicate the balance is between human use of resources and our role as stewards. When looking at aerial images of the tides, it’s easy to become aware of how rising ocean temperatures are affecting fish stocks. When viewing closeups of grizzly bears and moose, the federal mandate in maintaining balanced wildlife numbers, or the state mandate in maintaining stock for hunting comes to mind, along with the question – is this really a far sighted goal we should support? From the air, the recent and rapid decline in glacial ice is illustrated, and this recent loss is not inline with a naturally occurring fluctuation. In this divisive climate we find ourselves searching for truth and do not accept easy answers without examining both sides and asking what are the agendas at work behind the scenes?

I enjoy nature for it’s seemingly unlimited supply of surprises and love to explore with my camera, waiting to see what will unfold before the lens. My wish is that we will all remain openhearted and work to find our place in nature so that we will leave the world a better place for generations to come.


Mark Stadsklev

red alaska floatplane landing on water in from of face of blue tidewater glacier - alaska bush plane photo safari

Enjoy a trip out to Prince William Sound with Photographer Pilot-Guide, Mark Stadsklev, as featured on the BBC. View video.

$3225 [for 1-3 private guests]

red floatplane landing in front of blue face of tidewater glacier - alaska bush plane photo safari