Best of 2020 Photo Selection

Our Best of 2020 - A Thank You to Our Guests We started the year of 2020 with a sense of promise. Anchorage saw a beautiful January, with an extended period of cold, crisp with ice fog conditions that created an extended period of hoar frost. It was a beautiful, winter wonderland. Despite it [...]

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Special Places – Knik Glacier

Adventures on Knik Glacier Standing barefoot atop ice formed from snow that fell more than 100 years ago, he stripped to board shorts while the guide tied a safety cable across his chest. The cable was a precaution against involuntarily muscle seizure; immobilizing a person to the point they can't swim - or even [...]

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Special Places – Seldovia, Alaska

Special Places - The Visual Treasures of Seldovia, Alaska Owner and Guide, Jody Overstreet has traveled out of Anchorage to other Alaska locales a few times this season, including two trips to Seldovia. Throughout the year, Jody teaches, leads photo tours, and scouts interesting locations in and around Anchorage to include in our Sunset Photo Safari and Twilight [...]

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Photography Tips – Master Your Camera on Tour!

Learn Photography on Tour in Alaska! The tickets are purchased, hotels booked, and you're down to deciding what you want to do on your upcoming Alaska trip. It might not sound like the best time to learn photography on tour - especially with that nice camera you got before your last trip, but never [...]

Photography Tips – 3 Ways Photograph Winter Sunsets

3 Ways to Photograph Winter Sunsets It's a subject we never tire of: the setting sun. How many times have you seen a line of cars veer into a scenic pullout just as the last rays exit the stage in an explosion of color across the sky, prompting a frenzy of picture taking? If this [...]

How to Photograph Glaciers in Winter

How to Photograph Glaciers in Winter Glaciers are dramatic any time of year, but in winter they are surreal. Though more subtle when snow enfolds them, their blue heart shines through. It's the density of ice that brings out this startling color. Longer wavelengths in the color spectrum (red) are absorbed while shorter ones (blue) are [...]