Glacier Photo Workshop

Colony Glacier Delivers a Fine Photography Workshop

glacier photo workshop

I recently enjoyed leading the first of two summer photography workshop/tours to Colony Glacier in the Matanuska Valley. Along with Matt Ellis and Brian Weeks of Stewart’s Photo Shop, who sponsored this event, we took off from the Palmer airport at 8:30 am for a 20 minute scenic flight to the remote location in two Cessna 185s. The full-day workshop sold out with 10 participants, who delighted in a spectacular photo trek with tons of sun. Once on the ground, the participants dispersed to shoot on their own while the light was good. Eventually, we joined back together to walk through steps necessary for good landscape photography, and how to pre-visualize and compose an image to convey intent. The group was also introduced to hyperfocal distance for maximum depth of field, and learned how to use a split ND filter to bring the foreground and background closer together in exposure. Finally I demonstrated the use of a fill card to light up foreground subjects like clumps of wildflowers.

The group then spread out to photograph as they wished, while being offered instruction where needed. Icebergs were wonderfully scattered about the lake, making for some great images. The wind came up substantially about mid-day and by the time we left the majority of the bergs were stacked along the lake shore.

This is a great location which I look forward to using future photography workshops. If photographing blue ice in a pristine setting is your thing, look out for more to come!

-Jeff Schultz

The next Colony Glacier Photo Workshop is June 9-11, 2017

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