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Jody Overstreet

A lifelong Alaskan, avid outdoor and travel enthusiast, visual artist specializing in destination, adventure and events photography, and Alaska photography tour guide, Jody Overstreet is the daughter of an Elmendorf Airforce based airman who worked for PNA and Western Airlines after discharge, and a mother who arrived in Alaska as at age 10, when the region was still a U.S. territory.

Jody’s meandering journey to eventually becoming a professional photographer and Alaska photography tour guide began early on. The natural beauty of the environment made its first impression when her family lived in Homer, Alaska, and days were spent beachcombing along the Spit, subsisting off wild caught seafood and handpicked berries, burning beach coal for heat and meeting visitors at Land’s End Resort. Her parent’s co-founded Gold Creek Salmon Bake in Juneau, and at 8 years old placed her in charge of identifying wildflowers for cruise ship passengers. As a young adult, Jody explored a broad swath of Southcentral Alaska primarily by living in eccentric communities including, Wasilla, Soldotna, Sterling, Seward and Kenai. Eventually, she capitalized on a skill acquired early on, becoming a PSIA Certified Ski Instructor, which in turn led to directing the busiest ski school in the state.

Following a 14 year career as Tourism Sales Manager for Visit Anchorage, during which time she trained travel professionals, guided familiarization tours, designed marketing sales materials, and illustrated Anchorage’s city mascot, Seymour of Anchorage, her enthusiasm for photography was reignited from an earlier interest beginning in high school. Jody subsequently conceived and co-founded Alaska Photo Treks, merging her love of visual arts, Alaska, tourism, and the great outdoors. She has a passion for wide open spaces, history, lifelong learning and sharing her love of Alaska and photography with others who enjoy the same interest. Her photos have been featured in a variety of travel related publications and promotions. You can view Jody’s work at jodyo.photos.


Jody is the primary guide for Sunset Photo Safari and its winter counterpart, Twilight Photo Tour ; 4-hour excursions designed to make the most of the best light of the day. She also leads Anchorage Aurora Quest, providing opportunity to see and photograph northern lights from September through March.