Learn Photography on Tour in Alaska!

The tickets are purchased, hotels booked, and you’re down to deciding what you want to do on your upcoming Alaska trip. It might not sound like the best time to learn photography on tour – especially with that nice camera you got before your last trip, but never took out of auto mode because the technical terms in the user’s manual blew your mind. Rest assured, it is! You can learn your camera and photographic techniques right here, on tour with a local photographer guide. Alaska Photo Treks instructors provide how-to coaching for all kinds of cameras and abilities, and practical experience photographing a variety of scenes and subjects in photogenic locations. Their mission is to help you take home travel photos you’ll be proud to share with friends and family (maybe even hang on a wall), and an ongoing passion for photography.

girl photographing field of lupine with a tripod - learn photography on tour

Girl photographing a field of lupine during the Sunset Photo Safari.

Alaska Photo Treks offers sunset tours year round.  Sunset Photo Safari operates May- September.  Twilight Photo Tour runs September-April. Departure times for both tours are dependent on sunset, which at this latitude changes dramatically throughout the year. The times for each week are posted on the respective pages for each tour. Winter months also include the northern lights viewing adventure, Anchorage Aurora Quest. Explore Alaska Photo Treks to learn more about these excellent, instructional day tours and multi-day tours and workshops.