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Booking Policies

Booking Policies

Attention: by reserving an Alaska Photo Treks photography workshop, tour, class, private or group instruction, or private or group guided tour, you are agreeing to our Photography Tour Booking Policies and liability waiver. Please read carefully before completing your booking.


Changes or cancellations by the customer may be made up to 48 hours in advance of departure. These are all-weather tours, except for when the National Weather Service has issued a weather advisory. No refunds will be otherwise given due to weather conditions. Great photos can be made in all conditions, and some subjects are even best to photograph under in sub par conditions. Be sure to dress for the conditions and bring protection for your gear.


You may cancel your reservation for any reason up to 24 hours before the start of the tour and receive a full refund. A full refund will be provided if we cancel the tour due to inclement weather. We make decisions on when to run the tour based on the best-available information. Both the aurora borealis and the weather are natural phenomena. Once the tour starts, no refund will be provided for failure of the aurora to appear or for conditions cloudier than forecast.

For those who book a four-day pass, that does not guarantee that the tour will run each of the four nights. It allows you to participate in the tour as many times as the tour runs during those four days. The four days must be consecutive. The only time we will provide a full refund is if the tour does not proceed at all during your four-day pass  period. If the tour proceeds only one day, you are refunded your booking amount minus the rate for a single-day pass. If the tour proceeds only two days out of four, then no refund is provided (as the price for a four-day pass is slightly less than the cost of two single-day passes).


Please read the booking policy for each tour or workshop carefully, as there may be variations to this general policy. Full payment is required at time of booking. A cancellation will full refund is available prior to 30 days of workshop/custom tour departure. Refunds for cancellations within 30 days of workshop/custom tour are not provided unless that seat can be resold. For this reason, we strongly recommend trip insurance. If we can fill the space with another booking, payment will be refunded. In most cases, your payment can be applied as credit.

*If air travel is a component in your workshop or tour, read the following information.

For any payments made with credit card, a full refund can be provided so long as too much time has not passed (standard time is six months, but can vary). If it has, we cannot refund the credit card processing fee of 3.2%. Refund will be paid via check minus that amount.


Payment – Full payment is due at the time of reservation. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation – A 50% refund is available with 14 days or more advance notice. No refunds will be given less than 14 days before departure. Cancellation by the operator due to weather will be refunded 100% of price paid. We strongly recommend travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances that may cause last minute cancellations.

Additional Information – You will need to provide the accurate weight of each guest at time of booking. This is imperative for airplane safety and loading. If an individual does not want to give an individual weight, weights of the group may be combined but need to be accurate. Alaska’s weather is unpredictable and can change dramatically quite quickly. Please read the details of your trip carefully. It is your responsibly to pack appropriate clothing and footwear for any conditioned mentioned. Many of our trips rely on aircraft to transport to the location. It’s possible the weather may not be flyable on the day that’s been listed, or the flight times may change due to weather. In those cases, we will do our best to complete the itinerary to the best of our ability. We are not responsible or liable for any cancellations, expenses or delays incurred as a result of conditions over which we have no control.

If you have any questions about these Photography Tour Booking Policies, please contact us.