Special Places – The Visual Treasures of Seldovia, Alaska

Founder and Guide, Jody Overstreet has traveled out of Anchorage to other Alaska locales a few times this season, including two trips to Seldovia. Throughout the year, Jody teaches, leads photo tours, and scouts interesting locations in and around Anchorage to include in our Sunset Photo Safari. When she takes a “break” to enjoy the beauty of Alaska, explore her creativity and expand her photography, she often finds herself in Seldovia.

Jody is drawn to Seldovia because her early childhood roots are in Homer on Kachemak Bay. She also spent much of her childhood in Juneau, which, like Seldovia, is part of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Rainforest. In her words, “craggy cliffs, sea stacks, aquamarine water and mountains, covered in lush forests of Sitka spruce and hemlock make me feel at home and inspire photographic creativity.”

In addition to the beautiful landscapes and quaint historic architecture, there are opportunities to photograph a variety of aquatic wildlife around Seldovia. It’s not uncommon to find sea otters playing in the slough on a warm summer day. Jody has the patience and a keen creative eye for capturing the playful qualities of these adorable creatures.

Although Seldovia is a small village, it’s big on visual inspiration. Visual treasures are abundant in Seldovia. Common items become creative images when you look closely and focus on the details. Jody is quite adept at spotting interesting forms and patterns in everyday scenarios.


The visual  maritime treasures of Seldovia, Alaska.

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