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Alaska Photo Treks photographer, Dan Bailey, test driving his new Fuji XT1 at Gulfoss Falls in Iceland.

Alaska Photo Treks offers sunset tours year round.  Sunset Photo Safari operates May- September.  Twilight Photo Tour runs September-April. Departure times for both tours are dependent on sunset, which at this latitude changes dramatically throughout the year. The times for each week are posted on the respective pages for each tour. Winter months also include the northern lights viewing adventure, Anchorage Aurora Quest. Explore Alaska Photo Treks to learn more about these excellent, instructional day tours and multi-day tours and workshops.

Alaska Photo Treks Photographers Balance Work and Play

Alaska Photo Treks team members Dan Bailey, Jeff Schultz and I virtually live, work and play behind a camera. Nothing illustrates this better than a brief recap of our first few months of 2014.

The year started off for me with a series of photo shoots for a dining and entertainment guide, as well as shooting a themed fundraiser event for Alaska Public Media before departing to Iceland with Dan, where we represented Alaska Photo Treks at Icelandair Mid-Atlantic trade show in Reykjavik. Dan was doing double duty while there; test driving the not-quite-yet released Fuji XT-1 camera that Fujifilm had sent him to try and review just prior to the trip. Meanwhile, Jeff was busy on on a special invitation assignment, shooting a new dogsled race in Russia, the Volga Quest. Soon after his return from abroad, he headed out to cover Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from start to finish, for his 32nd consecutive year running!

Most recently, Dan has been out scouting terrain via helicopter for a photo shoot for a new client. Jeff just wrapped up a sold out winter photography workshop at Eagle River Nature Center, and I am excited about landing a shoot featuring Lidia Bastianich, a popular public television celebrity chef.

All the while, we’ve been hard at work designing photography programs and tour workshops for the summer season. Although “work” doesn’t seem like a fitting word because anything we do that’s photography related feels more like play. As Confucius said, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” How fortunate we are to be able to spend our time creating and sharing our vision of the world while helping others learn to do the same.

– Jody

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