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Photography Learning Center

Photography Learning Center

Sharing knowledge is one of our primary goals, so we have created this Photography Learning Center. Not only do we want to take you to amazing locations to photograph stunning scenery and take advantage of exciting wildlife encounters, we want your experience to increase you knowledge and understanding of photography and the natural world. We have assembled these posts from our Tips page to highlight some posts we have made about photographic technique and technology. Some of these are designed to broaden your general understanding of photography, others to enhance your ability to photograph certain subjects. And for those who have participated in some of our Alaska photo tours or photo workshops, please use these posts to refresh your memory and keep practicing what you have learned in the field. Practice, practice, practice!

We are constantly seeking to expand the photography learning resources we provide. Let us know if there is something else you would like to see here to enhance your learning for your future photo treks!

Photography Learning Resources

Just beginning your photographic journey? Download the following resources to start you on your way.

man on photography tour with Alaska Photo Treks

Alaska Photo Treks Tour Notes

Resources for guests who’ve attended or are planning to attend an Alaska Photo Treks Tour.
man on photo tour in Alaska


Photography e-Guides

We’re pretty passionate about what we do and whether you trek with us or not, we like to share the love. Feel free to download the Photography e-Guides and contact us anytime you have Alaska related photography questions. Getting To Know Your Camera is a simple worksheet designed to introduce you to the most basic, yet important features of your camera. The Essential Photography Primer is a quick-start manual written especially for Alaska Photo Treks guests and students. It’s perfect for preparing or reviewing photography classes, workshops or tours.
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