When to Photograph What in Alaska

Have you ever wondered, "When is the best time to photograph brown bears snagging salmon in cascading falls? Fields carpeted with wild lupine?  Northern lights whipping across the night sky? Or, tail slapping whales in coastal fjords?" Alaska provides many opportunities for scenes like these, and so much more. With well defined seasons and many photographic subjects quickly [...]

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B&W Landscapes

Photographing Black & White Landscapes A great way to add intensity to your nature shot is to shoot black and white landscapes. Most modern digital cameras give you this option. To access this control, you’ll need to go to the menu and find the setting for Monochrome. With Nikon cameras, it’s found in [...]

Instructional Photography Tours

Master Your Camera | Learn Photography on Tour in Alaska! The tickets are bought, hotels booked, and you're down to deciding things to do for your upcoming Alaska trip. It might also be time to think about finally learning to shoot that nice camera you got before your last vacation, but never took out of auto [...]

Creative Photography Tips

5 Ways to Kick Start Your Creativity with Photography Sometimes the creative inspiration runs dry with photography. Maybe you've been shooting with the same technique or focusing on similar subject matter for an extended period of time. Sooner or later, your ideas start to falter and you feel your imagery becoming stale. What you [...]

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Autumn Aerial Photography

Alaska Photo Treks offers sunset tours year round.  Sunset Photo Safari operates May- September.  Twilight Photo Tour runs September-April. Departure times for both tours are dependent on sunset, which at this latitude changes dramatically throughout the year. The times for each week are posted on the respective pages [...]

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