When to Photograph What in Alaska

Have you ever wondered, "When is the best time to photograph brown bears snagging salmon in cascading falls? Fields carpeted with wild lupine?  Northern lights whipping across the night sky? Or, tail slapping whales in coastal fjords?" Alaska provides many opportunities for scenes like these, and so much more. With well defined seasons and many photographic subjects quickly [...]

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B&W Landscapes

Photographing Black & White Landscapes A great way to add intensity to your nature shot is to shoot black and white landscapes. Most modern digital cameras give you this option. To access this control, you’ll need to go to the menu and find the setting for Monochrome. With Nikon cameras, it’s found in [...]

Bad Weather Photography

The Benefits of Photographing in Bad Weather We run our Sunset Photo Safaris every night in the summertime, but as you can probably guess, it's not always sunny in Alaska. Sometimes it's cloudy. Sometimes it even rains. On some nights, we don't see the sun for the entire tour. Does this mean you should [...]

Photographing Sunset Silhouettes

Tips for Photographing Sunset Silhouettes When photographing in dramatic light, you usually want to shoot so the good light is falling on your subjects. However, if you turn around and shoot towards the light, you can create a silhouette. Silhouettes make for appealing photographs because they allow the viewers to imagine themselves in the scene. Although [...]

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Photographing Water Reflections

The unique symmetrical quality of this composition, combined with the creative use of water, creates the feeling of both side-to-side and top-to-bottom reflection. Photographing Water Reflections Reflections can add a wonderful compositional element to your photography, and nothing gives you better reflections than water. By incorporating reflections in your photos, you can use it's [...]

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