Aurora Tour

Aurora Tour from Anchorage To witness auroras rippling across the northern night sky over moonlit, snowy peaks shining across the dark water is an experience to be remembered. Alaska Photo Treks offers an aurora tour departing from the Anchorage area and traveling within a 60-mile radius to breathtaking dark-sky locations. Of course, auroras are fickle and unpredictable, [...]

Photographing Water Reflections

The unique symmetrical quality of this composition, combined with the creative use of water, creates the feeling of both side-to-side and top-to-bottom reflection. Photographing Water Reflections Reflections can add a wonderful compositional element to your photography, and nothing gives you better reflections than water. By incorporating reflections in your photos, you can use it's [...]

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Instructional Photography Tours

Master Your Camera | Learn Photography on Tour in Alaska! The tickets are bought, hotels booked, and you're down to deciding things to do for your upcoming Alaska trip. It might also be time to think about finally learning to shoot that nice camera you got before your last vacation, but never took out of auto [...]

Photographing Winter Glaciers

Shoot Recipe | Photographing Winter Glaciers Summer glacier views are dramatic, in winter they are surreal. Rivers of azure ice contrasts sharply with the tone of surrounding landscape. Though they don't command the same immediate attention when snow enfolds them in it's embrace, their blue heart shines through. It's the density of the ice that brings it out. Longer [...]

Photographing Northern Lights

Shoot Recipe | Photographing Northern Lights Photographing northern lights is a pursuit of contradictions. It's easy and difficult, exciting and tedious, disappointing and wildly rewarding. Preparation for successful winter shoots is covered in Part I of this series, 4 Tips for Great Winter Photography in Alaska. This installment covers a special kind of photography skill; how to photograph northern lights. [...]

Winter Photography Tips

4 Winter Photography Tips I've been dreaming of photographing winter scenes. Tree boughs draped in new fallen snow, dark waters meeting white shores and the low solstice sun throwing long shadows across crystalline meadows. Alas, while this winter is an improvement on the last it is still coming up short on snowfall. The clouds have been sullenly reluctant to [...]