Photography Tips – Master Your Camera on Tour!

Learn Photography on Tour in Alaska! The tickets are purchased, hotels booked, and you're down to deciding what you want to do on your upcoming Alaska trip. It might not sound like the best time to learn photography on tour - especially with that nice camera you got before your last trip, but never [...]

Photography Tips – 3 Ways Photograph Winter Sunsets

3 Ways to Photograph Winter Sunsets It's a subject we never tire of: the setting sun. How many times have you seen a line of cars veer into a scenic pullout just as the last rays exit the stage in an explosion of color across the sky, prompting a frenzy of picture taking? If this [...]

How to Photograph Glaciers in Winter

How to Photograph Glaciers in Winter Glaciers are dramatic any time of year, but in winter they are surreal. Though more subtle when snow enfolds them, their blue heart shines through. It's the density of ice that brings out this startling color. Longer wavelengths in the color spectrum (red) are absorbed while shorter ones (blue) are [...]

How to Photograph Northern Lights

How to Photograph Northern Lights in 10 Easy Steps To successfully photograph northern lights is an incredibly rewarding life experience. It can also be fraught with challenges, which are broken down into 10 manageable steps here. Be sure to read Winter Photography Tips  additional photography advice. You will need To be at a high latitude [...]

News – So Long Summer | Alaska Photo Treks Wraps up First Season

So Long Summer Recapping the First Season of Alaska Photo Tours. Is it really September already?!!! Our first season of operation was a blur. Fortunately, we have decent panning skills and were able to grab a few frames from our Alaska photo tours while it whizzed by. We sure had fun sharing photography in our beautiful [...]

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News – Sunset Photo Safari Takes Off

Sunset Photo Safari Takes Off As late spring rolls toward summer solstice, picking up extra minutes of light with each passing day, our place on the planet provides an abundance of time to photograph a variety of scenes. Rather than one mere "golden hour," there are around three hours in which to work magic [...]

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