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Alaska Nightscapes

Moon in Anchorage, AK
Aug 15 – Apr 12
4 Hrs
Alaska Nightscapes

Alaska NightScapes

For this nighttime photo tour, you will embark on a journey through the photographic nightlife in the Anchorage area. You will be transported around the city and into nearby Chugach State Park, Turnagain Arm, and beyond to shoot a variety of enchanting subjects, from “street” photography to the night sky. The Alaska Nightscapes tour is a celebration of our long nights for those who want to broaden their photographic experience and explore the creative fun of nighttime photography. You will explore a variety of nighttime techniques, from light painting to portraiture and star trail photography. Most of these techniques are not suitable for smartphone photography. Departure times vary according to the conclusion of nautical twilight. The itinerary is flexible to adapt to what nocturnal opportunities are available. This is not an aurora borealis tour, but the opportunity to photograph the northern lights may be a part of the tour, depending on conditions. Throughout the tour, you’ll be offered creative and technical support by your Alaska Photo Treks guide. It’s a great way to see the sights while honing your photography skills. Book it at the start of your Alaska trip, and you will be prepared for what the Alaska night sky offers!

person overlooking Anchorage freeway

Departure Times

Duration is 4-hours, with departure at approximately the conclusion of nautical twilight to make the most of this nighttime photo tour. Due to the constantly changing sunset times at this latitude, departures are adjusted in 15 or 30-minute increments throughout the times of year when it is dark enough

  • Aug 15-22:  11:45p
  • Aug 23-31:  11:30p
  • Sep 1-8 – 11:00p
  • Sep 9-16 – 10:15p
  • Sep 17-24 – 9:45p
  • Sep 25-Oct 1 – 9:15p
  • Oct 2-9 – 9:00p
  • Oct 10-17 – 8:30p
  • Oct 18-25 – 8:15p
  • Oct 26-Nov 1 – 7:45p
  • Nov 2-9 – 6:30p
  • Nov 10-17 – 6:15p
  • Nov 18-25 – 6:00p
  • Nov 26-Dec 2 – 5:45p
  • Dec 3-10 – 5:45p
  • Dec 11-18 – 5:30p
  • Dec 19-26 – 5:30p
  • Dec 27-Jan 2 – 5:45p
  • Jan 3-10 – 6:00p
  • Jan 11-18 – 6:00p
  • Jan 19-27 – 6:15p
  • Jan 28-Feb 3 – 6:45p
  • Feb 4-10 – 7:00p
  • Feb 11-18 – 7:15p
  • Feb 19-26 – 7:30p
  • Feb 27-Mar 4 – 7:45p
  • Mar 5-12 – 8:15p
  • Mar 13-20 – 9:30p
  • Mar 21-28 – 10:00p
  • Mar 29-Apr 4 10:15p
  • Apr 5-12 – 10:45p


This is a moderate activity which may involve walking short distances up and downhill, on stairs and uneven terrain. Weather conditions may range from rain, wind, and snow, and temperatures from-10°F [-23 °C] to 50°F [10°C]. This Anchorage photo tour departs in all weather [barring a weather advisory)].

What's Included

Creative and technical photography instruction is offered by your professional, local guide.
Natural history narrative en route.
Light snacks and hot drinks.
Tripods are available for loan.
Hotel pick up in Anchorage only (not Girdwood).

What To Bring

CAMERA GEAR [recommended, but point-and-shoot and smartphone cameras are also welcome!]
Camera with manual settings
At least 64GB memory card
Lenses ranging from 14-70mm
Camera with manual settings
At least 64GB memory card
Lenses ranging from 14-70mm
Comfortable walking/hiking shoes with good tread
Layers including short sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, and wind/waterproof jacket

Booking Policies & Liability Waiver

Payment is confirmation your acceptance of Alaska Photo Treks Booking Policies and Liability Waiver. Please read carefully.


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