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Trip Planning Resources

Trip Planning Resources

We get it, planning a trip to Alaska can seem daunting at times. The state is big, diverse, and there’s not a lot of tourism infrastructure in it. This page is designed to give you trip planning resources to help you navigate the details of your tour, workshop, class, guide service, or whatever the heck it is you want to do photographically in the Great Land. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us anytime.

Trip Insurance

Travel in Alaska can be full of surprises. We encourage you to take out trip insurance for your visit to the Great Land. Recommended companies include AIG Travel Guard and CSA Travel Protection.

Photography Gear & Rentals

Recommended gear for most treks included the following:

For many camera gear rentals, we recommend Stewart's Photo Shop in downtown

Rentals are available upon request.

Photography e-Guides

We’re pretty passionate about what we do and whether you trek with us or not, we like to share the love. Feel free to download the Photography e-Guides and contact us anytime you have Alaska related photography questions. Getting To Know Your Camera is a simple worksheet designed to introduce you to the most basic, yet important features of your camera. The Essential Photography Primer is a quick-start manual written especially for Alaska Photo Treks guests and students. It’s perfect for preparing or reviewing photography classes, workshops or tours.
moose in Alaska

Alaska Weather

Most regions of Alaska are known for changeable weather. A single day can produce every kind of meteorologic condition imaginable; sun, rain, sleet, wind, fog, you name it. If weather stopped us, we wouldn’t make many photos. Besides, it’s possible to capture beauty in all types of conditions. Our mission is to make the most of what we get, or have a contingency plan in place for the rare occasion we’re weathered out for safety reasons. So if you end up touring in what may seem like subpar conditions, keep in mind that there are often wonderful surprises associated with less than ideal weather. Sunsets can be more brilliant after a storm, glacier ice is bluer under overcast skies, clouds can add drama to an otherwise formless sky, fog is mysterious, wildlife is more active when it’s cool and wet, and low light conditions are often the best in which to shoot moving water. Learning to photograph well in all types of weather is a big step forward in your photography game, and Alaska delivers interesting meteorologic conditions in spades. Read Bad Weather – Good Photo Ops to get the scoop on how to make the best of a situation and protect your gear while doing it.

Southeast, Southcentral and most of Western Alaska have a maritime climate, which means these regions are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the Interior and Arctic areas south of the North Slope coastal plain (which is colder in summer). On average, Southcentral Alaska has temperatures around the mid 60’s (18° C) during summer and low 20’s (-4° C) in winter. Just south of Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is the northernmost extension of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Rainforest, so with the exception of Southeast, it experiences more precipitation than other regions of the state.

Recommended clothing for Summer Treks

For outdoor gear and clothing rentals for all seasons in Anchorage, we recommend Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental and Sixth Avenue Outfitters. For Fairbanks, we recommend Alaska Outdoor Gear Outfitters & Rentals.

Recommended clothing for Winter Treks

For outdoor gear and clothing rentals for all seasons in Anchorage, we recommend Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental and Sixth Avenue Outfitters. For Fairbanks, we recommend Alaska Outdoor Gear Outfitters & Rentals.

Space Weather

During aurora season (Aug – Apr), we keep a close eye on the solar wind, but that’s not all. There’s a lot of science involved in tracking auroral displays.

The source that we rely on for our aurora forecast (and that all websites and apps rely on) is the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center. We do not rely on the UAF Geophysical Institute website for aurora forecasts because it is not updated regularly and it does not convert to Alaska time.

There are also a number of aurora tracking apps available. We recommend Amazing Aurora and My Aurora Forecast Pro.

Where We Go

Alaska Photo Treks operates out out of Anchorage, Alaska – a base-camp to adventure for all regions of the state. While our day tours are principally within the Anchorage area of Southcentral Alaska, our private tours, workshops and guide services are available in every remote, wilderness location of the state. Enjoy the short video highlighting some of our favorite locations around here.

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Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska

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