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Photography Workshops

Join the camaraderie of a like-minded group that’s led by an expert, Alaskan photography instructor. Our Alaska photography workshops take place in diverse and remote regions of the state, including Southcentral for Tutka Bay Treasures and Colony Glacier Photo Workshop, Western for Katmai Coast Wildlife Photography Workshop, Base Camp Bears, Alaska Brown Bears, Glaciers & Fall Colors Photography Workshop, Northern Lights 300 Sled Dog & Auroras Photography Workshop, and Northern for Brooks Range Auroras & Fall Colors Photo Workshop, and Polar Bears & Auroras Photo Workshop.

There is no better way to take your photography to the next level. These excursions are much more than a standard photo workshop. They are outstanding tours in their own right, and travel to locations few people ever see. The diverse range of subject matter includes land and marine wildlife, mountain and coastal scenics, astral and aurora photography, and uniquely Alaskan events. Some provide rustic accommodations, others surprisingly upscale accommodations and culinary options. Most are all-inclusive or nearly all-inclusive, and there are options for all seasons.

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