Moose on Anchorage hillside

Our Day Treks offer a variety of opportunities for photo enthusiasts of all levels – from the casual smart phone user to the professional – to explore the natural beauty of Southcentral Alaska.

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bull moose resting in grasses

Try one of our Specialty Treks to take your photographic experience to the next level with some aerial photography or dedicated wildlife excursions.

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woman photographing sunset with camera on tripod on beach in winter - alaska photography tours

If you have specific photographic goals in mind for your Alaska visit, then allow us to design a Custom Trek for you.

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Photographer with aurora - Alaska photography tours

For the more serious photographer, we also offer several intensive Multi-Day Treks at various remote Alaska locations.

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woman photographing scenery - Alaska photography tours

For those who live in the Anchorage area, we also offer a variety of Classes, from basic to advanced, including private instruction.

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Founded in 2013, Alaska Photo Treks [APT] is the premier operator providing Alaska photography tours in the Southcentral region. We are fully licensed and permitted, Adventure Green Certified, and 2016 – 2019 Certificate of Excellence award winners on TripAdvisor.

Our Alaska photography tours and services cater to all levels of photographers – from those making memories with their eyes to serious hobbyist and professionals. APT guides are professional and knowledgeable local experts with colorful narratives related to the region.

Our specialty is getting new photographers out of auto mode by using a fun and unique 12-point teaching progression that’s tailored to the individual and practiced in the most spectacular places.

We also provide an invaluable service for advanced and professional photographers by knowing where to be and when to be there for the best scenic and wildlife photo ops, with expert guides to remote locations. Learn more about us!